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Red Dead Online’s next beta is going to make griefing a lot more dangerous

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Welcome to Red Dead Online pard’na! Emphasis on dead! BECAUSE YOU BE DEAD! YEEEEEEHAAAAAW! Oh hey, you’re back to try again? Alrighty, saddle up and YOU BE DEAD! Considering ditching the game while you sit and stare at the screen? TOUGH LUCK BECAUSE YOU BE DEAD! Yup, Red Dead Online may be a great way to spend an afternoon, pretending to be a cowboy who is making his fortune in a hostile new frontier, but it certainly isn’t easy to do so when the map happens to be populated with all manner of black-hatted griefers.

Developer Rockstar Games is looking to curb this destructive attitude in the next big update for the sprawling sandbox that complements Red Dead Redemption 2, based on community feedback that will also implement a whole bunch of other fixes and tweaks. One of the big changes for overly aggressive gameplay,will come in the form of the mini-map only showing nearby players if they happen to be within 150 meters of you (provided that they don’t fire a weapon), something that Rockstar says they hope will prevent long-distance murder as players happen to be “repeatedly targeted across the map at long distances”.

If that’s not enough, as players increase in hostility so too will their mini-map marker as it turns from blue to red:

Red Dead Online (2)

Your visibility increases through bad deeds such as attacking and killing other players or their horses outside of a structured mode, Free Roam Mission, event or competition, and the shorter the time between bad acts, the more your visibility increases.

Combined with a new Law and Bounty system which will add a value to players who go mental, and there’ll be some incentive to actually policing the old west and clearing out bandits who make Red Dead Online less enjoyable for others. The more crime you do, the more your bounty will increase and you’ll even need to keep your eyes open for NPC lawmen who’ll be looking to cash in on your head.

Red Dead Online (1)

Criminal behavior will have bounty values and honor consequences that scale based on the severity of the crime. For example, killing another player can incur a higher bounty, while assaulting townsfolk or animal cruelty could give you a lesser bounty if the crime is reported, while lower level crimes like looting and ransacking will only decrease your honor.

If your bounty exceeds a certain threshold and Bounty Hunters take notice, you will be wanted dead and alerted to their pursuit. The higher your bounty, the greater your value and the more difficult the pursuit becomes for you and your Posse.

So basically, nothing is stopping you from being the foulest hombre this side of the Mississippi, but Rockstar is aiming to make the consequences for villainy a lot more severe. Beyond that, more noble players can expect to see Posse-wide Parleys being introduced, better feuds and the option to start “timed mini-deathmatch” bouts when gangs decide to settle differences in Free Roam.

More minor balancing adjustments , weapon adjustments and a reduction in voice chat proximity round out the changes on February 26, while the introduction of Daily Challenges will give players a more steady source of income to help them earn gold nuggets as they live off the land. Rockstar says that these daily challenges will “continue to expand and evolve over time bringing specialty challenges and rewards, streak bonuses and more.”

Last Updated: February 13, 2019


  1. Dark Zone all over
    [eye starts to twitch]


  2. RinceThis

    February 13, 2019 at 15:46

    Until they actually bring cool missions there is little point to play the online game if you don’t suffer obsessive compulsive disorder like OvG. trolol!


  3. konfab

    February 13, 2019 at 15:06

    I wonder if players can cash in on the bounty system?

    Go bounty hunting for griefers and get paid for it could be a lot of fun.


    • Guz

      February 13, 2019 at 15:58

      That actually sounds fun!
      Sorry fellas but there’s a new sheriff in town and he kicks ass and chews tobacco and guess what he’s all out of tobacco. xD


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