Red Dead Redemption game changing pre-order bonuses

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Unfortunately these bonuses are only available to UK customers but I have dropped an email off with our local distributors to see if something like this is going to come to SA and I will let you know as soon as I have an answer.

So what are these bonuses we may or may not receive? Well depending on where you pick up your copy of RDR from you will receive one of the following.

“The Deadly Assassin Outfit – Game
John Marston’s "Deadly Assassin" outfit causes your Dead Eye meter to regenerate at twice the speed. With more Dead Eye, you have more time to place each shot with total accuracy, making you the deadliest gunslinger in any fight. In the UK The Deadly Assassin Outfit is exclusive to GAME customers.

The Golden Guns Weapon Pack – Amazon UK
The player who wields the exclusive Golden Guns receives more Fame for each kill. The more Fame you get, the more in-game side missions become available. So there will be more opportunities to duel, more kidnapped townsfolk to rescue and you can bribe lawmen for less. In the UK The Golden Guns Weapon Pack is exclusive to Amazon customers.

The War Horse – HMV
There are countless horses to be found in the massive world of Red Dead Redemption, but none is stronger, faster or tougher than the exclusive War Horse. Whether storming gang hideouts, exploring the wilderness for hidden treasure, or outrunning the law, the War Horse gives gunslingers an advantage in nearly every situation. The War Horse is exclusive to HMV pre-orders in the UK.”

Personally I think I would go for the Deadly Assassin Outfit as that Dead Eye ability is really powerful and will help you get out of many a sticky situation.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: February 11, 2010

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