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Community News: Resident Evil 5 bashing

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There seems to be a lot of hate towards Resident Evil 5…The way that I see it all the hatred comes from the people that keep comparing the game to the previous installments, I have a few pros and cons with this game

The A.I of the partner is quite retarded, there is no intrigue in the story at all, I do indeed agree that this is not a horror game but an action one, although I found plenty of positive points to the game…to see them all I had to do is replace the A.I with a buddy for some co-op gameplay.

We have finished the game a couple of dozzen times together,the playability lasted quite long thanks to all the gun upgrades, alternative costumes(Sheva in the amazon outfit…my fav) and all the different ways that we could kill the bosses which were quite cool, not to mention the mercenaries mode! What was also quite a nice touch is that there were plenty of moments where your life was in the hands of your partner.

I have a lot of favourite moments in the game, shooting Jill as she shows of her Matrix run up the wall moves(classic), shooting Wesker with a rocket launcher and as he catches the rocket having your partner shoot it for a big exlosion in his face, loading the U8 with a bunch of grenades to blow its face off, these are but a few of the best moments I have had in the game.

This is a terrible game played single player…I have tried playing it on my own but can not stand the A.I, I think it would have been a nice feature for the game to have an option to play co-op or a single player game but without a partner.

If one does not compare it to the other games in the series I think there’s actually a lot of fun to be had with this game, try not to compare this game to the others in the series and tell us about your experience with this game.

Last Updated: April 15, 2011

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