Capcom’s revealed that survival horror action shooter Resident Evil 5 has become the company’s best selling game, usurping Street Fighter II’s position as the biggest home gaming breadwinner.

Resident Evil 5’s life-time sales have surpassed 6.5 million units since 2009, beating Street Fighter 2’s 6.3 million; and that game was released on just about everything. And subsequently re-released on everything too.

The frankly quite awful Resident Evil 6 comes in third, having shifted at 5.2 million units, followed in fourth by the very best game in the entire series, Resident Evil 2, which has sold 4.96 million copies. Here’s where it gets a little interesting; I had always thought Capcom survived these days thanks to Monster Hunter, but Monster Hunter Freedom 3 comes in at fifth with 4.8 million units.

It seems though, that Capcom isn’t lumping all of Street Fighter’s myriad re-releases and iterations together, because Street Fighter II Turbo/Hyper Fighting is a sixth with 4.1 million units. Street Fighter IV only managed to come in at ninth (though it too doesn’t include Super Street Fighter IV) – and there isn’t a Mega-man game to be seen anywhere near the list until position 35.

Check out Capcom’s best performing games here.

Say what you will about Resident Evil 5 and the death of survival horror games, but I had a grand time playing the game co-operatively with a friend. And then I tried to play it solo….

Last Updated: October 31, 2013

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