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Resident Evil Village is “much larger” than Resident Evil 7’s spooky Baker estate

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Resident Evil Village is more than just a reason to publically declare my fetish for incredibly tall vampire ladies and find out that I’m not alone in my kink. At it’s core, it’s still a survival-horror game featuring all manner of danger skulking in the background and obstacles that can only be solved by figuring out devious puzzles. And it’s going to be a big one at that.

With two remakes in the bag, Capcom’s return to the prime timeline of biological warfare run amok has a high benchmark to clear. Resident Evil VII may have been a left swerve that took the franchise from an attempt at blockbuster action back to tight and focused terror, but it was a return to basics that worked beautifully in the end.

Part of the charm was the location of the Baker estate, a suffocating collection of hallways and secret dungeons that sold the terror of Resident Evil 7 perfectly. For the next game though? There’ll be some breathing space afforded to players. In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine via Games Radar, Resident Evil 8 producer Peter Fabiano said that the sequel is “much larger than what players experienced in Resident Evil VII: Biohazard”.

Fabiano also explained why Ethan Winters is back after enduring a heck of an ordeal in the previous games, saying that “the team grew quite attached to Ethan as a character so we knew we wanted to continue his story arc.” As for the inclusion of vampires in a game series that has normally focused on body horror mutations and undead abominations? According to Fabiano “the creatures all fit within the context of Resident Evil’s world”, and “we can assure you that Resident Evil Village takes into account the overall world and history of the series”.

Lady Dimitrescu, her daughters, and Chris “absolute unit” Redfield will all be popping up when Resident Evil Village launches at the beginning of May on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Last Updated: February 9, 2021

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  1. You mean the village is larger than an estate?!
    I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!


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