Resistance servers shutting down tomorrow

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I hope you’re not a fan of the multiplayer components of Insomniac Games’ series of alternate history shooters, Resistance. Sony’s shutting down the servers of all three games this week.

Last week, Insomniac Games confirmed that the servers for all three of the games would be shutting down tomorrow.


While you’ve missed your window to play with Insomniac staff, you’ve still got tonight to get your very last multiplayer Resistance games done – especially if you’re hunting for those last few multiplayer trophies. after tomorrow, they’ll be impossible to achieve.  As for the reasoning? It’s up to Sony, says Insomniac.

The servers were actually announced to be closing on March 28, but it looks like Resistance fans have been granted slight reprieve.

I wonder if this affects the game’s pretty damned decent online co-op; it would be a pity to lose arguably the best thing about Resistance as a whole. Either way, the servers being shutdown does make you wonder about  the transience of this multiplayer gaming stuff – specially for games where multiplayer makes up the bulk of the experience.

Imagine, let’s say that Titanfall’s servers were shut down. How would you feel about spending $60 on something that could become useless at the flick of a switch? I think the least companies could do is patch in support for private servers once they shut ‘em down.

Insomniac Games has shifted from being a Sony-exclusive studio to making more multiplatform titles. their last game, Fuse, was frankly a bit rubbish. Their next game is the Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

Last Updated: April 7, 2014

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