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The reveal of Overwatch’s mystery character Sombra seems imminent

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The Overwatch fan base has been on a wild goose chase for weeks now, all in search of the shooter’s mysterious 23rd character, Sombra. The hunt could be winding down to a close soon however. New clues have popped up, and they’re counting down to… something. An actual reveal perhaps?

A post popped up on the Battle.net forums recently, by a user called Skycoder (they have a skull as their user icon). The thread is titled “00110010 00110011”, which when converted to actual text, becomes “23”. The post itself reads,”la que tiene la información; tiene el poder,” which (by the power of Google) loosely translates to,“who has the information; has the power”

It’s the usual Sombra garble really; the skull, the number 23, Spanish translating into information and power… you get the idea. This information doesn’t really lead to anything new unfortunately.

Stick around on the post long enough though, and truly bizarre stuff starts to happen. The thread seems to fall apart, and it flashes the following image:

Sombra clue

Reaper, in case you didn’t know, is tied to Sombra somehow. Many speculate that the two are allies. After the image is done flashing repeatedly, the thread pours out a wall of text. According to Reddit (via PC Gamer), it was recognised as a Based64 code, and converted into a second skull.

The thread goes on to detail a lot of other cool little pieces of information gathered, all of which are too lengthy to put here. I’d recommend checking out the post in its entirety if you’re interested in finding out more. If you don’ have the time to do so though, this is the only thing you need to keep an eye on – amomentincrime.com (that name may seem somewhat familiar).

The wild goose chase has lead to this site. At the moment, it says something along the lines of initializing ‘Protocol Sombra v1.9’, followed by the loosely translated text, “Transmitting information assets ómnicos … 5%”. Ómnicos means Omnics I presume. What assets of theirs is Sombra sending?

We’ll have to wait for that 5% to go up to 100% I suppose. When it does, I hope we get the Sombra reveal we’ve been wanting for ages now.


According to Gavin, adding text after the URL might do something. Like this for example…

Sombra code

Is there some secret code we’re all missing? I wonder what it is? Let us know what your guesses are!

Last Updated: August 25, 2016

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