Revealed: Killzone 2 Box-Art

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Killzone 2 is looking absolutely stunning to the point that I think it may very well blow Resistance 2 right out of the water when it releases.

Gameplay videos have shown some incredibly smooth, detailed graphics and the gameplay looks intense and fun. All of you Killzone fans that eagerly awaiting the games release will be happy to know there is at least something small to get you even more excited.

Fair enough, it’s only the only the cover art, but it does look good. My only experience with the Killzone franchise was the PSP game and while I thought the game played incredibly well on the handheld, I was really impressed with the entire visual feel and art direction of the series.

The graphic blokes really seem to know their stuff. Check out the high-res box-art after the jump.


Pretty sweet, eh?

Killzone 2 arrives on shelves early next year.

Last Updated: November 4, 2008

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