Reviewed: Killzone 3 in 3D with a sharpshooter

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Last night I had the honour of attending the Killzone 3 launch event which was a whole heap of fun and I also got the chance to try out Killzone 3 on a 3D TV with the motion controlled Sharpshooter accessory.

Basically I was standing in a bar with a pair of stupid glasses on my head holding an orange plastic toy and pointing it towards this massive blurry screen while making pew pew noises in my head. But the thing is I really, really enjoyed it.

I sucked at it, the sensitivity is insane and after spinning around for a little while and nearly throwing up I started to get the hang of it. I was standing on one side of a balcony (in game) and I saw a massive battle raging over the edge of the other side, so you push your thumb forward on the sub controller which is nestled in the front of the Sharpshooter and your guy lunges forward to the edge, as I get there I swing the gun down and to the right to look over the balcony.

I spot 3 Hellghast pinning down my mates downstairs, I squeeze the button on the front of the sub controller to aim down the sights and start taking out the Hellghast. As the last one falls I see a flash of red scatter right in front of my gun and instantly swing up and left to find where it came from. The sniper is hiding in the building across the road and all I can see is where the laser heads back into the darkness of that building, I zoom in using the arrow on the sub-controller and pop him right in between his glowing eyes.

At this point my arm is actually starting to ache a bit from holding up the gun but as I am about to drop it to relax more Hellghast burst through the door at the bottom and I am once again forced to cock the gun (you reload by pulling back on the sub controller.. it’s awesome) and save the day.

After which my ISA backup arrives and we start moving through to the next set piece, this is where it falls down a bit as moving isn’t anywhere near as easy or natural as the aiming sequence.

I stopped playing at this point to let others have a go but I have spent all morning wanting to get back into it and being ever so emo about the fact that I don’t have a 3D TV at home, and this from the person who is only to happy to tell everyone that 3D is a complete and utter fad and not worth the money.

I still think that’s the case, but I want it anyway.

As a side but wholly related note, Sony will soon be launching a 3D TV’s for the budget-conscious gamer. The Sony Bravia KDL-32EX720; a 32 inch, 1080p, LED-backlit 3D TV will be available locally around April, at an estimated retail price of about R10K, making 3D gaming considerably more affordable.

Last Updated: February 23, 2011

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