Riot's April Fool's mode to stay?

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LoL April Fools

I missed April Fools’ this year – I was enduring the marathon journey back to South Africa from LA. It seems everyone had fun, and Riot’s prank is hilarious and awesome. In fact, it’s so popular that it may just become a new game mode.

In honor of the international prank day, Riot released the following video detailing Ultra Rapid Fire:

For the non-video inclined people among you, Riot concluded that when players run out of mana, they stop having fun. The most enjoyable part about League of Legends is making plays, so why not make it easier and faster? URF mode has 80% reduced cooldowns across the board, with no mana or energy costs. Non-spell slingers get increased attack speed. This means that players can spam abuse their spells and attacks. This makes the game unbalanced and unpredictable, but also a ton of fun and way more action packed.

If you want to give it a whirl, URF is available until 7 April – just one week. However, plenty of people are begging for Riot to keep it as an optional game type. It’s a fun way to blow off steam, and offers a completely different experience to players. I doubt that Riot will keep it, although you never know – why not treat it like ARAM?

These are the types of things I wish we could see more of. It reminds me of silly game modes you sometimes see pros play to let off steam. All-star matches at tournaments are fun, but they can be even more fun with modes like this. Can you imagine the bullet hell that could be released?

Last Updated: April 3, 2014

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