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Risk of Rain 2 1.0 is finally available on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

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Risk of Rain 2 is a very good game. Exceptionally good, even. While the original game was rather divisive amongst players with its tough-as-nails 2D rogue-like action, it seems that the sequel has been met with universal praise. The leap from 2D to 3D has really helped that game find an audience of players who don’t even usually enjoy rogue-likes. If it weren’t for Hades, I’d probably say it was the best rogue-like of the year but second place is still nothing to scoff at. Over the past few months, it’s been the case that you needed a PC if you wanted to play Risk of Rain 2 but as of today that’s no longer the case as the game has finally launched on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.


The 1.0 version of Risk of Rain 2 dropped on PC in August and folks equipped with a mouse and keyboard have been digging into the wild, chaotic nonsense of the game for a few months now while every on console has unfortunately been left in the dust. Yet with last night’s update, console players now have access to all the content they’d been missing including the actual final boss of the game, a new playable character (The Captain) and some new story cutscenes to really set the mood. Honestly, given how frantic Risk of Rain 2 can get I’d honestly just love to see how the Switch port runs. I have to imagine a fair amount of optimisation was needed there.


If you console players want a full break down of what you can expect in Risk of Rain 2 now, you can check out the game’s patch notes here. Or if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out our review of the game wherin I said, “Risk of Rain 2 is an exceptional example of how to combine the rogue-like genre with shooter mechanics. Deep, satisfying and just so addictive, it’s taking every cell in my body to prevent me from taking a week off from work just to play more of it.”

Last Updated: October 21, 2020

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