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Rock Band 4 is about to become brutal

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You might have heard of Rock Band 4 lately. It’s that musical game with a plastic axe that isn’t Guitar Hero Live. While Guitar Hero Live works best as your own personal VH1 channel provided that you have enough bandwidth, Rock Band 4 is a bit of a different beast, with slightly more archaic leanings for a different kind of audience.

The kind of fan-base that is, who want to punish themselves and turn their hands into mangled husks of formerly working digits and tendons it seems. That’s because Rock Band 4 is about to get rather…brutal.

The big December update for Rock Band 4 drops today, slowly turning the lean release into something with more meat on its bones. You can expect new score challenge features, better combo recognition and “Brutal Mode”. Essentially turning the game difficulty up to 11, Brutal Mode constantly monitors your performance and adjusts the game difficulty to provide the kind of challenge usually reserved for Hercules when he embarked on his twelve labours quest.

Perform at a consistently good pace, and Rock Band 4 will start throwing more notes at you, quicker and with a harsher sense of judgement. Hell, some of the notes even fade out, so you’ll need to have a decent memory and sense of timing for a hidden menace. Absolute, pure madness. If you can master Brutal Mode, then you most likely will have spent enough time to have learnt to play a real guitar, in your pursuit of this insane difficukty mode.

Brutal. Absolutely brutal.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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