Rock Band DLC grinds to a halt

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While Guitar Hero and its spin offs have been relegated to history, Rock Band – though it hasn’t received a retail release since Rock Band 3 in 2010 – has lived on through constant song DLC; every week for the last 275 week.  In some sad news to those who still rock out using their faux plastic instruments, Harmonix have announced that their weekly music updates will cease, and they’ll be releasing their last DLC in April.

In a message to fans on the Rock Band forums, Harmonix has detailed why its dialling its DLC output down to zero.

As you may have seen in our recent announcement regarding the release of Rock Band Blitz tracks as singles, Rock Band DLC production has gradually slowed over the past 5 years. We’ve managed to maintain a consistent release schedule for a staggering 275 consecutive weeks, releasing over 4,000 songs for the Rock Band Platform, but in recent months we’ve scaled production down as we’ve transitioned resources onto other projects. With several new titles in development and developers needed to usher these new games along, April 2nd will be the last weekly DLC release for Rock Band.

While there is no content currently scheduled beyond April 2nd, we still have DLC releases lined up for the next few weeks, including the remaining tracks from RB Blitz, several Pro guitar upgrades, and a handful of artists who have not yet appeared in Rock Band. We’re incredibly proud of the DLC milestones we’ve set, especially producing the largest music library of any game available, and we wouldn’t have been able to release as much outstanding content without the support of our amazing community. As thanks to the community, we’re going to continue the ongoing DLC sale of 50% off over 1,100 songs so fans can continue to build their personal libraries from our back catalog.

Everything else – from the forums, Rock Band Music Store, the leaderboards and Rock Band Network (on the Xbox 360) will continue as normal. This saddens me. I can’t honestly say I’ve bought a ton of the DLC, but Rock Band has been a staple in my household – and probably will continue to be, seeing as I have just a third of the available songs; I’m just sad that Rock Band Led Zeppelin, Rock Band The Rolling Stones and Rock Band Pink Floyd are just never going to happen.

Harmonix is instead busy with other projects – including something that might just make its way to next-gen consoles, and isn’t called “Dance Central 4.”

Last Updated: February 19, 2013

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