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Rumour – European Xbox Ones to come bundled with FIFA 14

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Ah the beautiful game. Football, the sport where every single recorded kick in the history of that Eureufa Championship or something massively matters to someone. And pretty soon, it just might be the lead game for the Xbox One.

Looking to drum up some more interest in their console, comes a fresh rumour that the Xbox One will come bundled with FIFA 14 when it launches in European territories according to MCV, who also added that this will be officially announced at Gamescom today.

Priced at the base unit deal of £429.99, the move is designed to save consumers cash while offering buyers an added kick for their money as the Xbox One happens to be more expensive than the Playstation 4.

And from a financial standpoint, the move makes sense. Year after year, FIFA continues to be one of the best-selling titles in European markets and offering this game as an incentive will no doubt help Microsoft in the Sony-dominated regions of Europe.

Hell, FIFA it sold over 3 million copies last year alone in just the UK. It’s a smart move, and one that will no doubt leave a sour taste in the mouth of Sony.

Your move Playstation 4.

Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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