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Rumour – PS5 reveal event to take place February with pre-orders going live in March

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You know what’s the best part of the dawn before a new console generation? All those delicious rumours which precede the launch of said devices. Microsoft currently has a leg up on Sony with last year’s unveiling of their mini Borg cube, the Xbox Series X. With a month having already been chipped out of the year that is 2020, Sony’s current strategy seems to be one of hype and tight deadlines as nary a peep regarding the PS5 has been seen so far.

Fans have no idea what the console will look like, how much it’ll set them back or what games will accompany it. One fella with a solid track record for leaks, PSErebus, reckons that Sony will show their next-gen hand soon. PSErebus claims that the PS5 will indeed be unveiled in February, with pre-orders for the console going live in March:

PSErebus also says that the PS5 will be completely backwards compatible with all PlayStation generations, a pretty tantalising prospect which will tag team with a new generation solid state drive to create a powerhouse of a console. As usual, every rumour is worth taking a Jamie Oliver-sized pinch of salt to go with it, but seeing as how PSErebus did correctly call the original release date for The Last of Us Part II prior to its delay, there is some faith in the leak and their previous claims that the PS5 will retail for $499 with a November 20 release date.

It’s also backed up by Sony’s unveiling of a PS5 website, further adding fuel to the February fire. “We’ve begun to share some of the incredible features you can expect from PlayStation 5,” the PS5 site reads.

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According to me when I got absolutely hammered that one night on extra Italian red wine pasta, the PS5 will also be capable of forming an advanced exoskeleton battle armour around its user that can protect them from Xbox Series X users when they use the power of their monoliths to assimilate all other console cultures around them and render resistance to be futile. Naturally, some people say that my leaks are utter nonsense but we’ll see who’s right come November.

Last Updated: February 5, 2020

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