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Rumour – Sony has a new PS4 controller design

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When it comes to controllers in the current generation of gaming, hands down the Xbox 360 has the best input device on the market. It’s a comfy, well designed piece of tech with some decent heft, something that even Nintendo copied for their Wii U pro controller. But the PS3 gamepad? That’s an antiquated piece of design that feels like it could snap in my hands at any second. And it looks like Sony has been listening to Geoff, because their next console is going to feature something…new.

According to a CVG source at Sony Studios, the hardware developer is looking to ditch the current Dual Shock controller design for their Orbis console. Several designs are being thrown around, from new takes on a familiar design, to a controller that contains an LCD touch screen (COUGH! SONY Pii! COUGH!) , or even an input device with biometric sensors.

Sony has been cooking up a new controller for months now, with all manner of patents out on the market. We won’t know what we’ll be grasping in the future until Sony officially unveils it, but I can say this with confidence:

It’s about damn time. And hopefully, it won’t have completely useless reactionary technology like the Six-Axis bolted onto it this time either.

Last Updated: January 21, 2013

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