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Rumour: Wii 2/Nintendo Stream/Project Café will cost you

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Looking forward to the Wii2/Nintendo Stream/Project Café? Well, if rumours floating around the interwebs are to be believed, the system is going to come with a steep price tag. The $350US (so lets say around R2327.50) is due to the hardware the console will come with. Hit the jump for more detailia.

With this rumoured price, questions are popping up if such a high price is warranted? Yes the system is said to out preform the Xbox 360 and the PS3 with the potential to support stereoscopic 3DTV sets. But it really comes down to three main factors for me:

Will it have online play? Will it have games that I want to play? Am I willing to pay that much money to play those games? I am wracking my brain over Nintendo’s next move, but I just cant shake the feeling that I am going to be let down. Thoughts?

So if all the rumours are true, then we’ll have a Wii 2 that:

  • Has similar architecture to a Xbox 360
  • Is supposedly more powerful than a PS3 or 360
  • Has a controller that’s actually a 6.2″ touchscreen
  • Costs between $350 – 400
  • May or may not be backwards compatible
  • Will only have 8GB of storage
  • Will have the potential to support stereoscopic 3DTV sets

The Wii 2/Nintendo Stream/Project Café is said to be shown off at this years E3 and will be up for a possible release as early as mid-October 2011.

Source: pwngamer

Last Updated: May 5, 2011

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