Rumour: Xbox to revive Heroes TV series?

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Tim Kring’s X-men wannabe TV series Heroes started out with such promise. The first season hinted at something incredible, but the writer’s strike in the middle of season 2 just resulted in the whole thing becoming a convoluted mess. Heroes lasted for four seasons, which was three too many – but it might be coming back, exclusively to Xbox.

That’s according to TVLine, who says that MSN is interested in reviving the series with a new cast of heroes (and cameos from the original cast) – and showing it exclusively on XBox. this ties in to previous reports that Microsoft wants its next system to be a set-top device filled with original programming – much like Netflix has done with the superb House of Cards.

I don’t know I feel about this. I loved the show’s premise, and the promises it made – but ended up feeling bitterly disappointed. Mostly because I sat through four seasons of that rubbish, and not once did I see anyone shaving a cheerleader.

Last Updated: April 18, 2013

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