Rumoured Until Dawn DLC sounds nothing like the original game

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One of the biggest draws for me about Until Dawn was that it was an episodic experience but still released in its entirety. When I chatted to a couple of people on the team making the game at E3, they said that there were no plans for DLC, which made sense seeing as everyone’s play through could result in different combinations of life and death. However, now rumors are circulating that Sony might be working on DLC for the surprise hit game, but it’s sounding completely different to the core game experience. Warning: contains spoilers

Over on Destructoid, it’s being reported that Sony is doing market testing in the UK on Until Dawn DLC that’s being designed to work with PlayStation VR. Tentatively titled Rush of Blood, it is an on-rails FPS that sounds like it retains nothing of the choice-based creepy scares of the core game. According to their source:

Well you get transported around inside a mine cart; it’s very literally an on-rails experience. There are a few scattered jumpscares, as you’d expect, but I played the same 20 minute section twice (once with DS4, once with dual Move controllers), so I’m hoping the full DLC is a lot more padded out. I didn’t see which character I was playing as, I’m not sure if it’s specified, but no names were mentioned at all.

It starts off shooting targets in the snow, then moves toward a house and as you get deeper into the house, enemies start appearing (I believe they were Wendigos). The frequently reused jumpscare is the ‘ghost’ from inside the house in Until Dawn, who you end up fighting for the final area I played. Upon killing the ghost, the game would crash every time.

Until Dawn was a surprise hit and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it when I reviewed it. However, it was the tension and atmosphere combined with the knowledge that anything I did could cause the death of a character that made it so scary and worthwhile. This sounds like a silly add-on with nothing to do with the core game, exactly the opposite of what people would want in DLC. Here’s hoping the market testing proves this to the developers and they move on to exploring other, better ideas.

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Last Updated: October 22, 2015

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  • WitWolfy

    This game was def worth the wait.. Trying to platinum it but Witcher got me all sucked into tis universe again!

    • Grand Admiral Chief

      I started playing again last night. And for some darm reason my saddle, blinders, and saddlebags are gone post-patch.


      • WitWolfy

        I forgot how awkward Geralt moves to be honest.. Plus Roach handles like a truck without tyres… I’ll never be able to win all the horse races with Roach handling like a bitch.

  • OvG swears this is one of his favourite games. Probably because he spent most of the time trying to get the girls bras off…

    • oVg

      Dude, it was more horrific than watching Stephen Kings little 90minute film called IT. It was even more exhilarating than playing Alien Constipation.

      • Hammersteyn

        Now I want it even more!

        • oVg

          If you liked the atmosphere of Alan Wake and the controls and camera of RE1 then you will love this.

  • oVg

    This is a double edged sword. I am very happy with the fully envisioned product that I experienced even before the unnecessary 10gig patch, partly due to the fact that it was a new IP and no expansion or sequel was even discussed let alone the non existent marketing from SONY.

    It was a very good complete product that deserves to be itself like TLOU. Now thanks to the huge success in the sales department they want to expand with a sequel and DLC.

    I guaranty the sequel even if its based on a different decade of slash horror depiction will be a FLOP because of the high expectations.

    Until Dawn is fine. Leave it alone.

    • WitWolfy

      I’d love it they made like an Event Horizon kind of horror game next.. Now that will blow my MIND!!!

      • oVg

        This game came out of the blue, nobody knew what to expect. If they are going to do a sequel they will have to keep it a secret. No community involvement whatsoever.

        Its success was partly due to the fact that Until Dawn is not ashamed of itself.

        But Sci Fi would be cool.

      • Hammersteyn


      • Hammersteyn

        DO YOU SEE?

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