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Saddle up cowboy there is more RDR Coming

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There isn’t much news around this but if you are a Red Dead Redemption fan and are looking forward to more DLC for your game then your wait is nearly over.

While I wasn’t even aware that Rockstar were working on any new DLC for Red Dead Redemption they apparently have and it’s apparently nearly ready.

In response to a fans question via Twitter about when the new RDR DLC is coming out Rockstar responded with

Look for release date and details in the coming weeks

That’s all we have for now but I”m sure now that the cat’s out the bag someone at Rockstar will be putting together a press release with all the important information which we will surely post up…

Red Dead Redemption was easily one of the best games to be released onto consoles in this generation and was the best open world gaming experience I have had the pleasure of enjoying since Crackdown. The original one not that insult of a sequel.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: July 1, 2011

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