San Andreas Stories Finally Coming to PSP?

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[Update: This story has just been debunked. It seems that the entry was made by one of the staff members back in 2007 and was basically someones wishful thinking. It’s too bad because the idea of San Andreas on PSP had me quite excited, oh well. Maybe Rockstar will surprise us and announce a new PSP title sometime soon.]

The people over at were informed by one of their reads that a retail store called HMV (His Master’s Voice apparently?) has a page up that contains the following info that you see in the screen grab above.

If this is true, then the long rumoured GTA: San Andreas Stories may actually be a reality. My question is whether or not they will actually be able to fit the whole of San Andreas into the game and you have to wonder if they would even look at spanning the cities over multiple UMD’s or something crazy like that.

While I never had the chance to play Vice City Stories, I did put quite a lot of time into Liberty City Stories and while it was quite enjoyable, the controls were still a bit rough, so I hope that Rockstar maybe start integrating some of the newer elements from GTA IV, especially the cover system.

This is still technically a rumour, but I think that this is a definite possibility and one that will probably come true. As far as the amount of content in the game, well that’s a different story altogether.


Last Updated: February 24, 2009

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