San Diego Comic-Con gets an Assassins Creed inspired obstacle course

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Hello gamers. Look at your location, now back to me, now back at your location, now back to me. Sadly, you’re not in San Diego, but if you stopped living in South Africa and got some plane tickets, you could be at San Diego Comic-Con. Look down, back up, you’re on a boat! Alright fine you’re not on a boat, I just wanted you to pretend you had a shot at visiting the San Diego Comic-Con. Ubisoft are putting together a pretty rad PR event. The expo will be getting its own Assassins Creed styled parkour course.

Ubisoft have teamed up with Tempest Freerunning for the event. Together with Chief Parkour Officer (wow, I want that to be my job description), they have designed a massive obstacle course. Expo goers can do all kinds of activities they have seen in game such as scaling buildings, pendulum swinging. and of course, the leap of faith. Wait, what?

Sounds impossible right? The course has apparently been designed so ANYBODY can run it. It looks pretty much possible, but I’m skeptical about the leap of faith part. Personally, I’m not really afraid of heights, but I don’t exactly see myself doing some casual flips from 25ft. Regardless, it’s a pretty awesome activity, and one that should get all expo goers excited to cause havoc in the upcoming game, Assassins Creed Unity. Now if Ubisoft could give us this sort of thing at  rAge, that’d be great thanks!

(July 19, 2014

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