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Think of the children

Mobile gaming can make ridiculous sums of money. Usually, this goes to making publishers rather wealthy and subsequently become greedy. Here’s a pretty new mobile game that actually supports a good cause.

Sustainaville lets you build sustainable communities in four regions: Savannah, Arid, Tropical, and Island across 120 levels. This is done by balancing different resources; it looks like many similar free-to-play games all about building towns or base management or whatever we’re suppose to call it.


However, spending real money works a bit differently than you might be used to. Yes, clicking the giant button that takes your money will still deduct from your bank account to give you in-game currency and buffs. However, this money will apparently go directly to the Save the Children foundation. In this way, your ridiculous spending in an otherwise free game could actually go to a good cause instead of just making the likes of EA or Tencent even more money. Here’s the announcement trailer for the game.

It’s currently going into closed Beta but will eventually come to Mac, PC, iOS and Android if the buttons on the page are to be believed.

I think this is pure genius and I’d love to see this as a new genre of mobile gaming. Imagine if instead of trying to get more money, Kim Kardashian used her next game for a good cause, raising millions for people in need, even if the reason people are doing it is to just get the next cool outfit in her game.

Celebrity endorsement could take games like this to a new level, and really help a variety of causes. I doubt many could be that altruistic, but it could start a fantastic new trend in mobile gaming – people are already willing to dish out real money for fake rewards in mobile gaming, why not put that spend to a good cause?

Last Updated: May 22, 2015

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