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Scribble Shooter for the PS3 is awesome

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One of the negatives about being at E3 is that there is no way on this planet that you get to see everything and one title that I haven’t seen Geoff or Ian mention yet is a new space shooter title coming to the PS3, actually it’s already in Playstation Home.

This isn’t some high end graphics job like Dead Space but is rather a very simplistic looking old school shooter, the graphics were all done by the developers 12 year old son and the sound effects by the developers mouths…

It’s best demonstrated by this video

But if you’re not the videoing type then do you remember the old plane shooters from the arcades like 1954? Where you flew a plane and picked up power ups that gave you a spread shot, or a laser or bombs etc? Well then it’s just like that but this time you are apparently in space and your spaceship is a crudely drawn little ship and you need to shoot down invading aliens, snakes, alien tanks, turrets and any number of other enemy options.

While collecting power ups and avoiding the maelstrom of bullets that end up heading your way.

It’s awesome and what’s even better is that it’s available right now inside PlayStation Home, all you need to do is head over to the virtual E3 booth and watch every trailer that’s available and that will then unlock the VIP area upstairs where a demo of this game is available to try.

When the game is finally released it will also be a PlayStation Home game only which seems insane to me as it should do exceptionally well on the PSN by itself so hopefully Sony changes it’s mind on this one and gives it a broader release.


Last Updated: June 10, 2011

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