Shock! Horror! Bandwidth! Batman: Arkham Knight is a big game!

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In non April Fool’s news of a most shocking nature, new details have slipped out that reveal the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight to be a game that is bigger than an entire book of yo mama jokes. We do advise any readers with sensitive constitutions or sissy-boy tolerance levels for high bandwidth downloads, to not read further. If you don’t want to be cool that is. CHICKEN!

Right now, you can grab a digital pre-order of the game. Which clocks in at a size of 48.7 gigabytes of hard drive real estate. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof on this mirth-filled day, captured this morning from my PS4:


Holeee crap. Arkham Knight isn’t the only game guilty of this however. The Last Of Us, GTA V Definitive Edition and The Order have all boasted download sizes in the dozens of gigabytes range, as if high-resolution textures, new graphical engines and crisper audio were some sort of reason for the bigger games. Shocking stuff, I know.

Here’s how long it’ll take you to download the game then, based on your ADSL landline. Warning, it makes for some grim figures:

  • 1 Mbit – 116.12 hours
  • 2 Mbit – 58 hours
  • 4 Mbit – 29 hours
  • 10 Mbit – 11.3 hours
  • 20 Mbit – 5.4 hours you bastard
  • 40 Mbit – I hate you

That’s a pretty big game then, no joke. As for the Xbox One version, we’re making an uneducated guess that you’ll have to duct-tape two of those console together in order to have enough hard drive space available.

Last Updated: April 1, 2015

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