Shock, Horror, Final Fantasy XIII rumoured to be better on the PS3 – PS2 development screens and why we have no towns in FFXIII

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You get the sarcastic (and long) headline simply because this story has very little factual basis and yet is still ranking high on the Internet at the moment.

According to an unnamed gamer (I did warn you), and an unnamed games journalist the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII looks markedly better compared to the Xbox 360 version.

To back up these statements the story reminds us that the developer once said

“It was easy to port to the Xbox. Porting to the PS3 is harder. The PS3 has more processing power but you have to do it properly.”

Which isn’t anything we haven’t heard before. Final Fantasy XIII being better on the PS3 isn’t news though, it was originally going to be exclusive to the PS3 and the PlayStation family is it’s original home. So it should look better on the PS3.

However if it gets released and is crisper on the Xbox 360 then that’s news but I really don’t expect that to happen.

In other Final Fantasy XIII news check out the below screenshots from FFXIII’s early development on the PS2… don’t let the cartoony look fool you though it was simply early placeholders not a new art style.

FinalFantasyXIIIPS2 FinalFantasyXIIIPS2-2

And in the final FFXIII news for the day, the developers have revealed the reason for their being no towns in Final Fantasy XIII…

Apparently it was just too much work… Here is a direct quote from the official FFXIII magazine.

“The game’s linearity was just because depicting towns and so on like we did before was impossible to do on an “HD” console – it was too much work.”

Last Updated: February 1, 2010

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