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Shock Troopers, the realism of Battlefield 3

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I spent far too many hours playing Battlefield 3 last night and as such my brain is pure mush this morning and you should be thankful that the majority of words and letters are making sense.

Maybe that’s why I found this video funny or maybe it really is funny but either way it’s coming your way and it reminded me exactly of how utterly unreal certain parts of Battlefield 3 are.

Not that I personally mind that but it does fly in the face of certain BF3 fans out there who are desperately trying to convince anyone who will listen that BF3 is the most realistic game to date and isn’t anything like that other shooter that’s being released next week.

Also I wouldn’t mind if DICE could release an update that enabled me to shove your tactical light right up where the sun don’t shine. Blinding me with that from 100 meters in daylight is the biggest fail this game has managed to uncover.

Last Updated: November 1, 2011

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