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Should we buy IGN since it’s on sale?

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So last week one of our advertisers actually paid early meaning we have a bank balance for once in our existence, granted it’s smaller than Geoff’s privates but hey it’s a bank balance and that’s a step forward for us so what should we do with it?

Well the Wall Street Journal has posted up an article claiming that News Corp, Rupert Murdoch’s empire, is putting IGN up for sale. Which is surprising, because we always thought that IGN was for sale. Or at least their reviews section.


IGN is the worlds largest gaming site with over 26 million readers so it would add a significant jump on our current readers, though ours are smarter and more handsome of course.

Back in 2005 News Corp paid a whopping $650 million for IGN and a few other assorted sites but it looks like they are in need of a bit of cash as they now have the company on the market for a cut price $100 million.

I’ve got about R5000 saved in my personal account and added to our small bank balance at Lazygamer we just need about another $99.9999 million… anyone out there able to chip in a buck or two?

In all honesty I’m surprised at the news that IGN is on sale and it makes me think that either News Corp is exiting online entirely or there is a major problem with IGN that we know nothing about, why would you sell one of the largest Internet properties on the planet. If it’s not profitable surely they just need a restructure?

Last Updated: October 17, 2012

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