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Sims Creator Wants To Turn Your Life Into A Game

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Will Wright, the creator of some mega-hit franchises like Sim City and The Sims (but not The Simpsons) has unveiled to VentureBeat his concept for a new video game that they are working on… and it’s a little strange.

Called HiveMind, the game will actually use your own personal routines, data and information to mold a personal experience around you.

So if you didn’t notice, the game is going to be digging deep into your personal life… and apparently you will be happy to let it.

Basically, what Will Wright seems to be trying to say, is that he wants to essentially mold your sort of… social networking experiences into game experiences, that can actually contribute towards your actual life and interests.

He had the following to say:

“Rather than craft a game like FarmVille for players to learn and play, we learn about you and your routines and incorporate that into a form of game play,”

So, that makes things work the other way around essentially. He then also goes on to explain what inspired him to create something like this, after he was taking a stroll in California and came upon a car enthusiast gathering that he would have really loved to know about prior rather than just coming upon it by chance:

“If I knew about these events, my life would be a lot more interesting,” he said. “How do we expose you to these events, these things? How can we make a system that understands enough about you and gives you situational awareness? It could take into account what time of day it is, where you are, how much money is in your pocket. Imagine if you could open Google Maps and it shows you things that are interesting to you on the map.”

“It is about how we make reality more interesting to you,”

As much as I instantly want to kick back against this, I think that Will Wright may definitely be onto something. Heck, if anything we love to throw our interests and information all over the internet, but rarely does it actually benefit us fully, rather than some information hoarding company based in hell itself.

So, what I think he is right… I think that he wants to turn our lives into a sort of game and I think that if its done right, it can be very beneficial to the players and so they would want to turn over their info. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t get out of hand.

For more, check out the full VentureBeat exclusive and let us know what you think of the whole idea.

Last Updated: November 17, 2011

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