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Skyrim finally gets a proper PC inventory

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Normally, I’m not jealous of PC gamers at all. Sure, they’ve got the hardware is that powerful enough to turn sentient and enslave humanity, but all that gear comes at a hefty price, while gaming on a PC requires you to jump through more DRM loops than a circus performer.

But after a person gets through all that crap, the benefits available are astounding, as we’ve seen so far with Skyrim. Visual and gameplay mods have been flooding the title ever since it released. But now, Skyrim has received the one mod it truly needed, much to the sighs of relief of graphic designers all over the world, in the form of an inventory mod that streamlines everything for a better experience.

Instead of all the wasted space and a clunky info pane that doesn’t provide nearly enough information on the items in your inventory, players will instead get a proper look at all their gear thanks to the User Interface Mod from modder Roltak.

Here’s what your in-game collection will look like after the mod.




Last Updated: November 21, 2011

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