Skyrim patch hints towards players getting a cold DLC reception from the Elves soon

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Wak wak! Soon, we shall have our revenge on the surface dwellers!

As hard as it may be to believe, but I practically stopped playing Skyrim back in February already. After all, that game was so three months old already! I’d finished every quest, had my fill of the random, and had run buck naked through the wilds of Tamriel, while several Whiterun guards chased after me with a discretionary blanket.

I was pretty much done with the game, as sacrificing my loyal pawn Lydia to several dark gods had become old already. And dammit, I wanted something new already, something that I was unprepared for and ready to explore.

And such content may be on the way, according to some internet-sleuthing.

One Bethsoft forum user recently published the following data that he had uncovered in the files of a recent patch, which showed the following text and clues;


Maybe a coder or two can make more sense of that than my limited mind can, but if it does hint towards players getting more wintery content, then it looks like us Dovahkiin will be facing the wrath of the Snow Elves, a culture that was driven underground by the Nords, and have been awaiting to enact their revenge for many years now, according to the official in-game lore.

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Or, we could totally be getting some more amazing horse armour DLC, which really worked out quite well for the previous Elder Scrolls game. Look at my horse, my horse is amazing…

Last Updated: April 30, 2012

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