Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition releases this October

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Definitively delicious

Looks like Definitive is the new HD remaster of this generation after all. Fresh off of the downright sexy graphics of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, comes another Square Enix game that is getting higher definition kung-fu to the face in October.

According to an Amazon listing, Sleeping Dogs will ship in a limited edition that includes an art book and all the DLC that was released for it, on October 14. Presumably, this also means that the game will be getting a massive graphical upgrade as well, although we’re still waiting to hear if this includes 1080pork buns.

I’ve got a ton of love for Sleeping Dogs. It was one of the big surprise hits of 2012, although I’m not certain that I’ve got remastered love for this game. That being said, if you haven’t played it, and would prefer to drop extra cash on a prettier version with some extra content instead of a cheap second-hand copy of the game, I’d totally recommend it.


There’s plenty of downloadable content to go with the game as well, if that interests you. Nightmare in North Point has you dishing out kung-fu justice on vampires, while The Zodiac Tournament was a funky homage to the final Bruce Lee film Enter The Dragon. The final bit of story-based DLC was Year Of The Snake, which added a half dozen new missions to the game that were set back in reality.

As for visuals, the PC version of the game set a pretty decent benchmark. Here’s what new-gen consoles have to beat:

Last Updated: August 7, 2014

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