So, are you going to buy the PS Vita?

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Sure, we’ve got plenty of new games coming out this year, but we’ve also got something that is exceedingly rarer hitting our shores as well this year. I’m talking of course, about a new handheld console, in the form of the Sony PS Vita.

So far, it’s boasting some incredible technology in its form and a mouth-watering list of launch games, but is that enough to warrant throwing down some hard-earned cash for it?

Earlier last year, I had the opportunity to handle one of these slick babies at the Sony Gamescom press event. And I will say, it is a fantastic, albeit familiar, device to play around with. Everything about the console worked perfectly, and the games on display, while not blockbusters, were well designed and made full use of the touch-screen capabilities.

Who would have thought, that it was actually possible to play a FPS title accurately on such a handheld device? Watching some of the other journos at the event explore levels in the Vita version of Resistance was amazing, and the moves that they were pulling off were on par with that of any other regular FPS game on a console.

Make no mistake, the Vita is a well constructed device, and doesn’t seem at all to be a device that is a disguised beta-testing unit, unlike another console that came out last year and is currently gathering dust in my room.

And yet, in those months since I got my greasy mitts on it, things have changed drastically. I’m now the proud owner of an iPad and several sexy Twitter spam-bots that have arrived after I asked questions online about it, and I’m in love with that device.

Which brings me to the point of this article. Is such a device even necessary, amidst a crowded market of smart-phones and tablet computers? Sure, the gaming capabilities may be different, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun at all.

Beemo_controller copy

Just look at something as simple as Jetpack Joyride. Everyone in the office here has been playing the crud out of it, and the moment one of us manages to post a longer distance and score than everyone else, howls of hatred and derision can be heard for kilometres from the rest of us.

As much as I would personally like  to have a PS Vita, right now, it’s just not on my technological list of priorities. Honestly, i think the Vita is a fantastic handheld console, but it’s going to be hamstrung by exorbitant prices on proprietary memory card storage that is mandatory, an unclear nature to it’s exact 3G capabilities, and a list of games that so far, does not look like it can sustain it’s momentum after the initial launch.

I’d like one, I really would. But this is the console we should have received several years ago. Now it’s just too late, and the majority of the world has presumably moved on to a whole new world of mobile gaming.

But hey, if you still want it, and would like to stick your tongue out at me and prove me wrong, then check out this sweet special on the Vita, from To those of you who do go and buy the console, I hope you have many hours of fun with it, and that it proves to be a wise investment.

Personally, I’m going to stick to my more capable hardware.

Last Updated: January 5, 2012

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