So did Double Fine get their money?

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You’ll remember yesterday morning we posted about Tim Schafer turning to crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter to try and raise $400 000 to create a new adventure game.

We threw in a little and at that time it had just topped the $100k mark so how’s the project doing?

So far the Double Fine game has raised $1 162 648 which is just short on 3 times the required budget for the game pretty much confirming an iOS port and Android port in the process.

Tim also went to twitter yesterday to thank the planet for helping out and has promised to try and get a localised version out in every language possible.

It’s awesome to see the gaming community converge like this but I wouldn’t be shouting to loudly about the face of development changing anytime soon. Remember Tim Schafer is a world renowned developer and could likely have gotten the cash through normal channels anyway, but it’s a nice feel good story and I can’t wait to see our name in the credits.

Last Updated: February 10, 2012

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