So long Futurama, it was fun while it lasted

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Bad news everyone! Back in 1999 when The Simpsons began a long descent into crapville that it has still yet to surface from, he brought about Futurama. A fresh and clever show set in the future, it was ultimately too smart to remain on television. It’s been cancelled before, but it managed to revive itself. Pity that this time, it really is the end for that witty show. Again.

The final block of episodes for the series, 13 in total, kicks off in America on July 3rd, with a one hour premiere. It’s the final, final season for good this time, according to Bender himself, Joe DiMaggio. And I’ll miss that show.

From Fry struggling to fit in, to Leela karate-chopping her way out of a trouble and the saddest episode ever revolving around Fry’s dog, the show hit a hell of a lot of highlights when it found its groove. So what can you expect in the season to end all seasons?

Well, crazy paradoxes, dimensions, an homage to The Thing and a decent swansong for Bender Bending Rodriguez according to DiMaggio:

At least I didn’t go out like Fry’s dog, that’s something.

Once more into the breach meat-bags!

Last Updated: June 19, 2013

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