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So you’ve been banned from playing Forza 4…

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One of the primary reasons for buying Forza, isn’t just for the great visuals or multitude of tracks and challenges. Its for the online mode, something that Forza delivers on. I’ve recently been stuck trying to beat the top time on the Top Gear track, but so far, I’ve been eating Nicks dust as he completely obliterates my lap record every single time.

Still, the challenge is what makes the game so exciting, and worthwhile coming home to after a hard day at the office. That is, unless you’ve turned on your Xbox to suddenly find that you’ve been banned from the game…

Developer Turn 10 is busy investigating several complaints regarding these sudden ban-hammerings, with many gamers claiming that have been banned for undisclosed reasons. Speculation however, is that many a gamer have made illegal use of the in-game auction house, selling cars for not just fictional currency, but for some cold hard cash as well.

Turn 10 Community Manager Brian Ekberg told Eurogamer that the Microsoft-owned developer was investigating the issue. "We are investigating claims from a select group of Forza 4 players who believe they have been unfairly banned from Xbox Live," he wrote on the Forza 4 forum.

"We take piracy issues very seriously and will be investigating this matter case by case. If we find accounts that have been banned in error, we will reinstate them." It seems that whenever games come out that feature some form of trading lately, they always have have an undertone of illegal-farming popping up shortly afterwards.

In fact, I’d bet that right now, there’s an undisclosed location in South Korea where hundreds of gamers are being forced to race endlessly and rack up credits so that they can buy and unlock cars to sell to gamers for actual cash.

Last Updated: October 18, 2011

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