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Destiny, the new shooter from the chaps who brought you Halo is coming later this year. September 9 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, to be more precise. Bankrolled by Activision, it’s the first project for the company that isn’t Halo since Bungie was acquired by Microsoft in 2000.

Interestingly, the game’s obviously been in the works, conceptually, for a long time. In the Halo 3 spinoff game ODST, a poster on a wall could be seen saying “Destiny Awaits,” accompanied by a cruder version of what’s now the logo associated with the game; picture of Earth with an orb. It was first really shown off after details were leaked in November in 2012, with further details revealed in a documentary in February last year.

The game is primarily an always on-line shooter that incorporates many rather MMO-like elements, but Bungie’s been very clear in saying that it’s not an MMO. think of it more as Borderlands in space, with a bit more of a Halo-esque aesthetic. It’ll have “shared world” elements and though it’s meant to be a co-op experience, you’ll be able to play through the thing alone if you like. Unless, that is, you want to see everything there is to see, and do everything there is to do.

Here are some fresh new screenshots showing yes…quite a few similarities to Halo, Borderlands and perhaps a little bit of Mass Effect. The pics come courtesy of the PlayStation Tumblr Sony’s revealed that the Destiny Beta will hit PS3 and PS4 first, and that those platforms will see exclusive Destiny content.


Last Updated: January 15, 2014

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