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Some post rAge 2009 stats

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So the 7th annual rAge event has come and gone and Tide Media are happy happy people.

Apparently even though the world is full of doom and gloom it didn’t affect rAge’s attendance figures. Attendance was up 6% from last year to a new record 19,488 visitors which sits well against a global drop of 30% on comparable trade shows.

On top of the standard visitors they also managed to cram 2 162 PC gamers into a single LAN and what’s even more impressive than that is that they sold out all those tickets in under 2 days… watch this space for an African record attempt next year.

According to them some of the best moments of rAge were the Lips sing off, FIFA 2010 launch and the Guitar Hero National Champs.

According to us the best moments were the Guitar Hero nationals, the podcasting with the international developers and that rumoured moment with the lady behind the stands… but that’s for another day now isn’t it.

A big congratulations to Tide Media for putting together another awesome show, we will see you next year for sure.

Last Updated: October 13, 2009

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  1. Franco

    October 14, 2009 at 13:48

    Rage..hmm got mixed feelings about it, the good was looking at new releases being played before they hit the shelfs: Borderlands, DragonAge, Avatar, Assassins Creed II
    The bad, I expected some of the reatailers etc etc to have some nice Rage once off specials..or maybe I was too busy oggling the boothbabes..the one or two that was floating around.


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