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Sony abandons The Last Guardian TM

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Is this the final nail in the coffin for The Last Guardian, a game that has been used as positive proof of the PS3’s unending power ever since it was first announced way back at E3 2009, then at TGS in 2010 we were given a release date of late 2011, unfortunately that time came and went and we were then told that 2012 would be the year we were all blown away.

During this time the rumours of the games demise have come thick and fast with many developers leaving the project and the entire thing being shipped off to Sony’s San Diego office to resolve some gamebreaking bugs.

Sony meanwhile has constantly kept up the line that the game hasn’t been dropped and it will be revealed shortly.

However this latest stumbling block is a big one, according to the US trademark search website the trademark for The Last Guardian has been abandoned by Sony

Oh dear

At first I though it was a simple admin error on the side of Sony as it’s easy to miss these sorts of things, however this hit the news in a big way yesterday and the screenshot above was taken today. The trademark has now been classified as dead for 4 days which means anyone, including Nintendo or Microsoft, can now pick it up and release a different game under the well publicised moniker.

Sony has refused to comment on the issue but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realise that this isn’t a good sign for the title

Last Updated: August 10, 2012

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