Sony and Microsoft to merge? Not likely

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I always wonder how people find the newly registered domain names from big corporations but it’s often the registering of a domain that tips of the news to a major announcement by a corporation.

The latest domain name to be registered is which is an odd one as the two companies have very little reason to work together and the only products that seem to overlap are the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The other option is that Sony and Microsoft are planning a merger which would be the biggest corporate surprise of the century and would result in the very logical decision to merge their gaming platforms.

While I like the idea of a PS3 running Xbox 360 software, best of both worlds, I seriously doubt this has any validity behind it and is either Microsoft simply domain squatting, they do own over 47 000 domains, or some other announcement is about to be made.

I look forward to the onstage announcement being made with Steve Ballmer and Howard Stringer though, can you get 2 CEO’s who are more different?

The domain is apparently still available… but somehow I don’t think it will for very much longer.

Source: dotweekly

Last Updated: July 15, 2011

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