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Sony : Arc? Nuh uh.

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As far as the internet is concerned, sony’s upcoming motion controller is to be called arc. It started when VG247, citing unnamed but reliable sources outed the project’s name. It continued recently when THQ boss Brian Farrell referred to the device as “Arc” in an investor’s meeting.

Sony even registered the domain www.PlaystationArc.com back in October. Sony though have been quick to cool down talk of the Playstation Eye-assisted motion tracking  gizmo, saying “We haven’t announced the name of our upcoming Motion Controller. Arc was a rumored code name for the product.”

This is awfully reminiscent of what happened with the PSPGo! before E3, and it’s pretty likely that after all of this downplaying of Arc’s actual name we’ll watch Sony’s E3 presentation where Jack Tretton will walk on to the stage and say “Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you….Playstation Arc!”

Of course, one thing a lot of people have failed to realise is that it’ll be pretty difficult for Sony to trademark and use an input peripheral named Arc. Why, you ask? Well, somebody else already owns it. Who you ask? Microsoft.

If it’s not Arc, and it’s not Gem or Sphere, then we’re back to playing guessing games. What do you think it will eventually be called? I’m still hoping for “Sony LoveWand,”

Last Updated: February 5, 2010

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