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Sony bringing trophies to existing PS2 and PS1 titles

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Sony Europe has recently filed an incredibly exciting patent for fans of the classic PlayStation titles who are also addicted to trophies.

According to this new patent you could soon start earning full trophies for achievements completed on these old titles. And best of all they aren’t redeveloping the old titles at all.

According to the patent application via (Neogaf) the system works by checking how the system is accessing the media of the game. So if you access sector 558A of GTA: San Andreas it knows you are going for some hot coffee and you can be duly rewarded for it.

It becomes more complicated as it goes on but you get the idea. I think it’s a great idea that will reinvigorate people’s desires to replay the old classics which in turn gives PlayStation another income stream.


The only part I can see being a real issue is the dodgy gamers out there who hack their system and then simply read sectors to unlock trophies… however I’m sure Sony is going to cater for that to make sure it doesn’t happen.

I’m guessing step 510 will cater for that quite well.

So does this excite you?

Last Updated: March 28, 2013

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