Sony has a 79% chance of bankruptcy in 2 years

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News of Sony’s financial woes aren’t new with the previous supreme leader of electronics having been in financial straits for a few years now but according to some new research the company may be in more trouble than we originally thought.

According to Macroaxis the electronics firm has a 79% (actually 78.49%) chance of going bankrupt in the next two years.


Now I don’t have much financial knowledge so I won’t even try and understand how they work this out but if you want to read all the details you can do so right here.

Seeing as we only care about the video game aspect I took a look at their two console competitors

Nintendo, for all their Wii-U woes, currently has a 22% chance of bankruptcy in the next two years. This is likely because they have very little debt and a huge war chest from the success of the Wii. Not to mention the current success of the 3DS.

On the other hand no one is more comfortable than Microsoft who are sitting with a 1% chance of bankruptcy in the next two years. Granted Microsoft is an entirely different beast and the fact that Microsoft won’t fail in the next two years doesn’t necessarily mean that the Xbox division won’t be closed down.

While at the same time Sony may in deed fail but I can’t see the PlayStation brand not living on in some form or another, especially with the success of the PlayStation 4 launch.

Market Cap

When we look at market cap, company worth, things do look a little different but it gives you some indication of the size of Microsoft compared to the other two.

  • Sony – $17.8 Billion
  • Nintendo – $2.12 Billion
  • Microsoft – $310.21 Billion

This is why Microsoft’s billion dollar write off in the last generation didn’t even make a blip on their financial radar and also goes some way to explaining their arrogance. They may feel they are untouchable.

Last Updated: January 3, 2014

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