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Sony launches the PlayStation 3D monitor in EU Territories

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Sony’s released its PlayStation branded 3D monitor in the UK – and it’s already sold out. Originally shown off at last year’s E3, the display, bundled with two games, was released in the US last year, but after delay, has finally been unleashed on the rest of the world.

The 24 inch, 3D capable 1080p screen is bundled with “Killzone 3: Platinum” and “Gran Turismo 5: Platinum” and two sets of active shutter glasses, and sells in the UK for £449, the equivalent of about R5700. You could pick up a bigger 3D TV for that price – so what makes Sony’s PlayStation display attractive?

Well, for games that support it – like the games that come bundled with the device – you can utilise the screen’s Simulview technology. What it does is instead of sending information to glasses that’d make for a 3D experience, it sends wholly unique information to each set of glasses – meaning you can play 2 player games without shrinking everything to fit in to split screen. It’s got two HDMI ports – one for your PS3, and another for your PlayStation Vita as well as a component input to allow you to plug in your PSP. It also, odd for a 24 inch display, includes a built in set of speakers with a little subwoofer, so it doesn’t like your games are being broadcast from inside a cardboard box. Before you ask, no you can’t use Simulview on a regular 3D TV.

The list of games that currently supports Simulview contains the aforementioned titles, Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse , MLB 12, Motorstorm RC and Super Stardust HD – with more on the way.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation 3D display isn’t available in south Africa yet, but good news is we’ve confirmed with the Local PlayStation folk that it’ll be available from selected retailers locally in mid May. No price point’s been announced yet, but it probably won’t come cheap.

Last Updated: April 23, 2012

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