Sony Outlines Deletable Offenses in Little Big Planet

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has laid down the basics for what will land your Little Big Planet level in the bin, according to a post on VideoGaming247. The company’s statement says that SCEE is “committed to continually improving our moderation procedure, in particular regarding the reasons that user complaints are upheld.”

But, for the time being, they say there are a few simple rules to keeping your prized stage off the chopping block.

First, keep all of your content family-friendly. “Everybody has access to your level if you publish it,” the statement reminds us. That means no making reproductive organs out of Dark Matter, kids. Second, the company addresses the spark that brought this up, and reminds users not to infringe on intellectual property. “Don’t use images, brands, or logos that you’re not entitled to use.”

Simple enough, right? Finally, if you come along any problems, the company invites users to report it, but also warns that hoax reports are inappropriate.

It was rule number two that was famously and very publicly broken almost as soon as the servers opened, when users created stages based on Pac-Man, Batman, and the TV show Scrubs among many others. These levels were subsequently wiped out, resulting in a mob of upset Sackpersons, flailing their limbs in righteous, adorable anger. With these guidelines clearly stated and in place, users should be more careful.

Then again, maybe Sony and Media Molecule can give content creators a timed warning to remove copyrighted material before deletion. We’ll have to see how their policies change as the game’s online experience continues to evolve.

Source: VideoGaming247

Last Updated: November 14, 2008

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