Sony PS4 Not Far Away – New Rumour

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Now this is a strange story doing the rounds. We heard yesterday about King Ken talking about the PS4-PS6 which I did not find news worthy. I really hope all the console makers are planning for the future.

However if Sony are planning to release the PS4 in 18 months as rumoured they are categorically stating that the PS3 has failed.

They originally stated they wanted the PS3 to last 10 years and it has only been out 6 months. A 2 year lifespan would be a disaster of monumental proportions.

So what do you think? Complete rumour or Sony admitting it has made some mistakes? 

A new Playstation 4 could be less than 18 months away according to a Sony insider. The device will include the same chipset as the current PS3 but where it will differ from the current model is in the drive bay and in the attachment area. It will also include an extensive software suite for the managing of content being streamed to a TV or Hi Fi source.

Source: Sony PS4 Not Far Away – Smarthouse

Last Updated: May 3, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • papa-action

    I really doubt that Sony will release a PS4 in 18 months. The article mentions that this supposed PS4 will use the “same chipset” as the PS3 and will feature an “extensive software suite for managing of content”.
    Firstly, same chipset does not equal a new version of a console.
    Secondly, any new software can simply be downloaded, provided that the hardware can support it. Lets face it, the PS3s hardware is not going to come up short any time soon.

    Sony will no doubt revise the internals of the PS3 to reduce production costs and will obviously release many software updates to enhance the system but this is just part of the normal lifecycle of any system.

  • LazySAGamer

    By the sound of it it’s going to be a very large makeover though which I do find strange.

    Same as I think the Elite was/is a waste and is just being pushed out to compete with Sony in the HDMI section… Bad move by Microsoft but that is entirely another issue 🙂

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