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Sony Show Off Far Cry 4 Gameplay

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Ubisoft already showed the first few minutes of Far Cry 4, but Sony have now gone on to show us another brand new gameplay trailer.

The video starts off by flashing the name Kyrat, the setting of the game. The protagonist traverses the mountain path, making use of a conveniently placed grapple. Upon reaching the top, he gets involved in some heated action. A crossbow is used, as well as another light smg weapon, resulting in the sort of explosions that Michael Bay would be proud of.

One car chase and highjack later, our protagonist is flying off a cliff, but he manages to make his way to safety thanks to the use of a wingsuit. At this point, a new player drops in, and co-op gameplay is shown. The second player flies around on a mini copter, providing cover from above. The game really looks shiny and awesome, with the Himalayan mountains as well as the villages looking beautiful.

One last announcement is that the game will be coming to PS3 and PS4, and any person who owns the game will be able to invite a friend to join them in some co-op, even if said friend does not own the game. It is really looking good so far.

Last Updated: June 10, 2014

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