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Sony sponsored the Xbox 360’s development

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IBM Helps Sony and Microsoft

I really do like feel good stories and nothing hearing about arch enemies working together in Harmony…

Mind you I am not so sure that Sony were as happy when they found out that they had actually been sponsoring the development of the Xbox 360 CPU.

So how did this happen? Well Sony contracted IBM to create the super powerful Cell processor for them and gave them a whole ton of cash to get the job done. But IBM did also sponsor some of the costs because they had agreed with Sony that they would be able to sell the cell technology to other companies for use in number crunching, curing cancer and other wonderful things.

However what they didn’t count on was Microsoft approaching IBM to make their CPU and IBM then showing them the specifications for the core of the upcoming Cell processor.

Microsoft were impressed and promptly gave IBM the tender to create the processor which ultimately means that Sony sponsored the 360’s CPU development… that must have annoyed someone.

Source: TeamXbox

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Last Updated: January 16, 2009

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