Sony still suffering from “PS2 hangover”

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There was a time when Sony’s PlayStation was the undisputed champion of console gaming. Thanks to the Wii’s unprecedented success  and Microsoft getting their console out of the starting gate early, those days have changed. It might be a case of “too little, tooo late,” but Sony’s new UK head wants to do something about it.

In a rather sobering statement from SCE UK’s new boss Fergal Gara, he admits that in some ways, the company still operates like it’s stuck in those halcyon days.

“We still have a bit of a hangover – at least in the UK company – from the days of being market dominant. I don’t think we are as sharp as we can be. There’s room for improvement there.”

“So it’s not change everything, but it is turn up the dial, and learn to compete as I have experience doing myself.”

A refreshing change of pace from some of Sony’s Computer Entertainment’s cocky higher management, and one that could help Sony regain its traditional market dominance. In the UK, at least.

Last Updated: January 13, 2012

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