Sony to release it's motion controller early next year

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SonyMotion.jpgSony’s nameless motion controller, you know the one to take on Microsofts’ NATAL, is looking at an early 2010 release. The “wand” was shown off at E3 earlier this year, with great praise and true 1:1 motion control.

Kazuo Hirai, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, told The Times Online that the company will release the peripheral in Spring of next year, that is our Autumn, for those living under a rock still, backed by a strong software line-up. Uh God of War 3 anyone?

“We are slating it for spring of next year,” he stated. “One of the things is that we just don’t want to put out the controller. We need a great software that supports the controller at launch. It’s something that we’ve been working on for the longest time.”

So what do you think of this “wand”? Are Sony trying to get the jump on Microsoft’s NATAL? Or are they trying to make a quick buck by copying the Wii?


Last Updated: August 27, 2009

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